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Bringing the Soul back to Sauna


We Finns have always believed in the beneficent qualities of both the Sauna and the Forest. They truly are in the core of Finnish wellbeing. The Forest is ever present in Finland. In fact, Finland has over 70 % forest cover (for example Germany 31%, Great Britain 12% ). That makes us the number one forested country in Europe. Also the Sauna is ever present in our culture. There are about 3 million saunas in Finland. That makes us the number one Sauna Nation in the World.

Finnish Sauna traditions date back thousands of years. Sauna is a well-known place for physical cleansing. It is also a natural place for overall wellness and revival; it advances spiritual empowerment and harmony, helps to become in touch with one´s emotions and may bring a new state of consciousness as well as gives new energy.

Traditional Sauna treatments bring back to life the rich Finnish Folklore and Finnish Folk Healing combined with recent knowledge of health benefits of Forest Nature and Sauna bathing. Traditional Sauna treatments bring back the Soul to Sauna.



Gentle healing powers of the plants and löyly – the steam

Whisking is a holistic wellbeing service as old and as essential tradition in people´s lives as sauna itself.

The whisking creates an overall conscious and therapeutical touch, which enables the healing from within to begin. It opens the energy flow as well as physically cleans and massages the body. The healing power of different tree species and the steam called löyly, gently relaxes and balances the mind, the body and the soul.

Individual whisking treatments are available in Travellamo´s home sauna in Lahti or in your cottage / other chosen accomodation in Lahti region or in Southern Finland. Whisking treatments can be done in a sauna, with benches long and wide enough for a person to lay down nicely. 


Whisking for Groups: larger private saunas in Southern Finland. 

Vellamo´s Herbal Sauna Experience

Enjoy a slow walk into a nearby forest and gather herbs for your foot baths as well as branches of trees for our personal energizing Power Whisks! During the program, you will learn about the importance of the nature in Finnish culture and overall healing powers of herbs and plants. After returning to the hotel/place of your accomodation, you will learn about the Finnish Sauna Etiquette and the effectiveness of sauna.

Your sauna ritual will start with natural body scrubs and foot baths followed by aromatic herbal sauna bath with one´s own energizing Power Whisk.

Price: starting 372 €/4 persons, additional persons 55 €/person. Max. 10 persons. 

Price includes:

Guided walk in the Forest, guided Sauna experience, body scrubs and footbaths, sauna hat,  gentle whisking, organic soap and natural shampoo, refreshments and snacks during the sauna. 

Price does not include possible sauna fee.  Check out the possibility to use the sauna of your place of accommodation. 


Late May-Mid September (during the natural growing season)

In the evening after 5 pm. 

Duration: 3 hours


Classical Whisking

Individual and intensive whisking treatment with at least three different types of whisks (for example birch, maple, oak, aspen, alder, linden, rowan, juniper).


Time: 45 min. per person (interview, warming up, whisking, relaxation).

75 €/person, incl. VAT 24% (2–5 persons) in Lahti or Lahti Region. 

Some travel costs will be included if treatments are done over 20 km from Lahti. 

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